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Venetian rowing

The style of rowing in the lagoon of Venice has developed a special technique in which a single rower may be sufficient to advance the boat.
The elements that characterize it are the rowing motion standing up, facing forward, the use of one or two oars handled by the same conductor, the need to move an oar perfectly smooth and free, on an open rowlock (forked ) to facilitate the maneuvers and the driving in the absence of helm.
The Venetian rowing is inextricably linked to the Venetian history, tradition dates far back as the fifth century. The absence, then, of waves, the shallow waters, mudflats, salt marshes, etc. imposed a flat bottom, without keel, easy to maintain, that, in case of emergency, allowed to easily dry the boat on sandy beaches. The need to be able to see well where there was water enough to move, forced to row standing up.
In 1901, year of foundation of the Company, with the construction, in just forty days, of the first “veneta a quattro”, called “Querina”, it was possible for Querini to participate in the Italian Championships in Lecco, with a crew who finished second twice.
In 1902, the Company felt strong enough to aspire to carry the name Querini with the Italian colors in the international arena, that’s never happened with Venetian crews. At the Italian Championships in Turin it took the first major sports victory in “voga veneta”.
In 1903 on the day of St. Mark, it was launched the first “Disdotona”, a gondola with 18 rowers representing the Company.
And this was only the beginning of a long story ……
But why rowing?
Because rowing is nature, in the middle of the lagoon of Venice, where we can meet swans, herons, ducks and many other wild and typical species.
Because rowing is history, we return to the old method of moving of the Venetians.
Because rowing is beauty, turning to the channels you can admire all the richness, majesty and secret corners of Venice from a different point of view and, perhaps, privileged.
Because rowing is company, when in a sandolo or caorlina you exchange a chat in joy and you stop in for a cichetto in an island or “bacaro”.
Because rowing is hard work, but the more the technique is refined the less is tiring.
Because rowing is healthy competition, when you meet another boat , immediately the desire to excel comes out.
We could then define a motto of our boat trips: “competitive with fun”.

As in any field, the learning process is the primary element to progress in any activity at any level. For this aim, a number of introductory and occasional courses are organized by the Querini rowing club.
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