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The 16th of May 1901, the Society for water sports “Francesco Querini” or Querini, as better known abroad and in Italy, was founded. The main promoter was Giovanni Viviani who had been the life of the society for more than sixty years.
In the evening of May 16th, in a room of the Bauer restaurant, Piero Foscari gathered together a group of young people, who were former members of the Bucintoro rowing club, and they inaugurated the new society.
By common consent, the name “Francesco Querini” was proposed to remember the young Venetian officer of the Royal Navy, who had been missing while attempting to conquest the North Pole on the “Duca degli Abruzzi” ship in the Arctic sea.
In 1903, the King and Queen of Italy welcomed the Querini under their patronage and donated to the Company their portraits, still existing, autographed.
Again in 1903, it was approved the first statute and on the day of St. Mark the first “Disdotona”, kind of long gondola with 18 rowers launched to represent the Company (disdòto in Venetian dialect means precisely eighteen). Designed and built in his yard by Ing. Angelo Meloncini, the beautiful and only boat in the world of its kind, technically daring, admired by all, excelled for a century (and still does) in all major events of the city of Venice and abroad.
On 7 May 1969, on the proposal of F.I.C., the National Council of C.O.N.I. gives the Flag of Querini the Gold Star for Sporting Merit with the following significant motivation: “One of the most elderly and praiseworthy Society, Canottieri Querini boasts glorious rowing activities, aimed at creating in young people a passion for sport and at honoring the national sport. Always and everywhere present with its boats at the most important rowing events, has won a series of big hits. ”
In 2001, with great pomp and at the presence of the most important city authorities, the first 100 years of the Querini history are celebrated.
The Querini has to his credit a long series of raids in Italy and abroad.
And the story continues …………